Why Q-consult?

Experienced Staff

Founder Susan Butterworth, PhD, MS, has over 30 years of experience working with clients in the areas of chronic care management, health promotion, and patient engagement. Q-­consult has a diverse network of talented and experienced colleagues upon which to draw, enabling us to select the best staff for each project.

Evidence-Based Approach

We take evidence‐based models and concepts from behavior change science, adapt them for the healthcare setting, and integrate them where it makes sense. All of our suggested interventions have been tested and proven in a real-­world practice. Our research studies are not theoretical but either applied or translational research. Check out the outcomes from our applied research, publications, and research activities that highlight our effectiveness.

Customized Interventions

We offer a comprehensive assessment of your infrastructure so interventions at multiple touchpoints can be implemented in order to meet your objectives. Our training and follow-­up activities are designed specifically and tailored for your populations, setting, staff roles, and assessment tools. All of the examples and activities in our workshops are customized to offer the most relevant and effective training for your entire staff. We offer eLearning programs that are self­‐paced and interactive, and follow‐up activities that are developed for your organizational structure and culture.

Sustainability Plans

MI is a complex skill-set that doesn’t lend itself to a one-and‐done training. After initial training, ongoing skill‐building activities are needed. To successfully integrate MI into the healthcare setting, there must be a sustainability plan in place. We have developed tools for building proficiency in MI (such as the MI Case Review) to provide practice and concrete feedback on a consistent basis. We are also able to assess for fidelity to MI and determine if staff is proficient or even using MI using a validated assessment tool.

Why choose Q-consult? Here is a downloadable PDF that you can share with your team and decision makers to sum up what makes us unique.

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