Improving Patient Satisfaction 


Whether working within an accountable care organization, hospital, clinic, health plan, or health promotion program, you care about patient satisfaction and satisfaction survey scores. But there are real challenges to this growing role of metrics:

  • Satisfaction stems from the entire experience at the physician’s office, not just clinician interactions. In one study, 75% of negative comments were non-physician factors (Kinast, 2014). This means a comprehensive assessment of your infrastructure is needed so interventions at multiple touchpoints can be implemented in order to improve patient satisfaction scores.
  • You may be worried about unintended consequences of focusing on improving the patient experience or raising satisfaction scores, such as your clinicians giving unnecessary or inappropriate care, telling patients what they want to hear, and/or “teaching to the test”. In the worst case scenario, this could result in compromising the other two components of the Triple Aim – improving quality of health care and reducing healthcare costs.
Q-consult Solutions: 

We review your current status; where your strengths lie, and where your pain points are. Together we determine the most practical and actionable items where a Q-consult intervention will help. And we go at risk in our contracts – if your scores don’t improve in delineated areas, we stand by our guarantee!

Patient engagement is a significant factor that affects patient satisfaction and can be addressed directly by an evidence-based intervention. Q-consult provides varying levels of training for clinical, front desk, and customer service staff, tailored for role and function. See our blog article on Balancing the Quests for Improving Patient Engagement and Clinical Outcomes.

Other common interventions include:

  • Review and recommendations for patient assessments and questionnaires to make them more patient-friendly;
  • Review and recommendations for patient outreach and operating protocols and procedures;
  • Focus group facilitation for patient representatives with recommendations
  • Development and facilitation of patient advisory board



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