Building Skills for Health Coaching

Q-consult Solutions:

We offer a menu of comprehensive and effective training activities to enhance patient engagement and health coaching interventions, all of which are based on evidence-based models and strategies. 

Onsite workshops tailored for your staff roles, populations, setting, and assessment tools

  • Introductory and advanced workshops for motivational interviewing-based health coaching
  • Patient engagement workshops for customer service, front desk, and billing staff
  • Motivational Interviewing Competency Assessment training for your health coaching mentors and QA supervisors

Internal Certification Program for health coaching proficiency

  • Allows flexibility and autonomy
  • Uses evidence-based assessment tools and competencies linked with clinical outcomes
  • Includes training for QA staff, management, and/or internal mentors

Online, self-paced interactive eLearning programs that are tailored for your population, setting and objectives (request a demo)

  • Motivational interviewing
  • Mentor development program for MI-based health coaching

Follow-up activities that are guaranteed to build a measurable skill-set and proficiency in patient engagement and MI

  • Feedback reports based on the Motivational Interviewing Competency Assessment (MICA) system
  • Telephonic one-on-one skill-building sessions for staff based on real patient sessions
  • MI Case Review which is an online cost-effective program allows your staff to collaborate on MI case studies in a flexible and engaging way

Assessment of policies, procedures, assessment tools, and other infrastructure to ensure support for patient-centered approach

  • Recommendations that address system components or tools that block staff from applying their new skill-set
  • Recommendations that provide options for enhancing the hiring process, staff evaluations, and quality assurance activities that reflect/support the new approach

Development of a sustainability plan 

  • Identification and training of internal mentors
  • Identification and training of internal trainers
  • Assistance with modification of policies and procedures to support new approach
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